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Happy two month anniversary(okay it was yesterday but)
I know you don't care... but I still keep track.
And I used to tell myself I'd never be that annoying girlfriend who kept track of the months we've been together.
But teenage relationships never last that long. I knew that, and you proved it to me 100%. So yeah, a month had been a big deal.

basically: I miss you why aren't you here</3

Story Time with Lyric #343453426

 My sister once asked me to get her chocolate
Because she was on her period
I said no because I didn't want to get up
And I went to sleep
She was so upset
She stuck two of her used tampons up my nose
And two in my ears
I can still smell and hear period to this day

For years and years I pushed you aside but never again
I wish i lived in California....
I'm slipping away fading away into nothing Tortured in the depths of my mind Yet I'm still breathing Walking When all I wanna do Is fall down And give up On this world This so called life And this hell I'm living in my head Just gotta remind myself Its all in my head

 a a pretty girl is nothing, If she has an ugly heart.

whenever I give advice to someone I say ‘idk’ like 5 times a sentence because I’m so afraid they’ll follow my advice and ruin their life so yeah I can never seem to sure
                                                  I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING

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