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"If you win say nothing. If you lose say less."
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

She's Gorgeous.
She's the one all the guys go crazy for. She looks even prettier in pictures. And, every time my crush likes one of
her pictures on Instagram, it's like a stab in the chest. Because I always try so hard to look pretty for him
and receive no attention, while she always gets all of it. 

One word
Frees us of all the weight and pain of life:
That word is love.
the other day
my friend, who he doesn't really like but they're kind of friends? It's like they don't really like each other but they don't hate each other they tolerate each other and she kind of helped set him up with me??
anyway she was talking to me on our way to our next class and he came out of a classroom so she goes "HEYYY COREY(/marshall whatever i've been calling him)!!"
and he flipped her off and she was like "well then"
and when he was out of earshot I was like "i wouldn't mind getting that finger *cough * whaaat"
and our other friend looks at me and is like "you're so innocent i don't think you meant to word that that wayy!"
and I was like "no... i meant it that way"


is that creepy though because we're not dating anymore? oh well they're my friends they can deal with it

someone has to date me eventually,
This quote does not exist.
HOW TO GET A CUTE GUYS NUMBER: (IN FIVE EASY STEPS!!) Step One: buy bug homemade cookie. Step Two: pit a cute note + your number BUT not your name on cookie. Step Three: have a cute kid give him cookie. Step Four: he eats cookie and texts you to find out your name. Step Five: you get married!
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