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Keep Your head up. Keep your heart strong.
im an artist 
Im an artist i like to draw with no pen or paper at all 
I draw with a razor apon my wrist
i draw when im angry and when im sad but 
the reson i draw is not cause im bad
I draw because people hurt me
the people i loved so much and im not 
talking Ex-Boyfreinds i mean
someone i realy used to trust 

If the sun were to explode,
you wouldn’t even know about it
for eight minutes
And nothing in the world
gives me a heavier heart
than knowing I wouldn’t be able to reach you
before the world went dark.
i keep thinking what if it was different
What If I told you.... you..... yes you.... could do anything...that nothings impossible ... that your universe was your own... you are important ....you are great...you are powerful... you are wonderful....would you believe Me?.... maybe not...but its true... you are so much more than you think you are honey... that I promise you..
This quote does not exist.
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.
you got what you wanted now im hurt i cry at 
night whale you laugh and flurt 
Your at a party im in my room you are drinking
whale i sit and cry you are laughing 
im about to die 
knife to my wrist right now i would wish
it dident hurt but im way to 
and im definatly way to hurt
My knife at the artery im about to
slice when i hear your voice 
and my name cryed
i look out my 
window and your all i see 
i stand there cring with you looking at me
im still so upset and i want you to
see all of the pain you
brought to me
so i put the knife back to my wrist and make a
large gash 
THE END...............

Apparently when your mother yells, "SON OF A B/TCH", 
"HELL YES I AM", is not the correct response. Just in
case you were wondering.
I will always be there for you .
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