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I Love Talking To You

I re-read my quotes from last year, and oh God I've changed. Last year at this time I was a young girl in love with a boy, convinced that we were out of fate's grasp and we would continue to fall for each other for the rest of eternity. Well I was wrong, of course. It wasn't his or my fault, just the world kept spinning a little too fast and we continued to grow up and sadly, apart. Maybe, in an alternate universe, our 16 and 15 year old self's are forever in love and still laughing and kissing the night away. I like to think that, that somewhere somehow we're happy together because I believe the younger in love version of us deserves that. They deserve the happy ending they oh so wish for, the ending we now know they will never have.

My nephews first word was cake. I love him 10 times more than I already do.

And I ride the winds of a brand new day
high where moutain's stay
I found my hope and pride again
rebirth of a man

                                                Angra - Rebirth
Is it bad if my main threats include
"I'm going to slap you with a hot dog full of razor blades"
"I will eat your first born if you don't shut up"
"I'm going to punch you with a knife"
You Dont Know About ME
But I Bet You Do :D
Hardest thing ever
not laughing during
serios moments

I said I cant eat anything else after dinner. All of a sudden there was apple pie, pecan pie, ice cream, cookies, whipped cream, and chocolate in my mouth.
i have a date tonight
with my bed
we're totally gonna sleep together
Be Thankful For What You Got
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