Quotes added on Sunday, December 1 2013

You can say you hate me a thousand times
You can spread lies and rumors about me endlessy
You can ATTEMPT to take away all of my friends
and stalk every move i make and friend request every person i breathe next to
but you must admire me to some extent because if you didnt,
you wouldn't steal my quotes and status's all the time.

You block me on social networking sites, and then talk crap about me publicly.
You know I can't defend myself because I am block.
You think you are all high and mighty and better than everyone else.

But newsflash, you're nothing but a coward.

I feel really sorry for you because you don't have an honest bone in your body
and one day, the life you've built inside your lies will come crumbling down and you
will have no one left to blame but yourself.

I did not ruin your life. You did that all on your own. Stop blaming me for the poor choices you have made in your life.
But then again, it is nothing new. You bash me to make yourself feel powerful and satisfied knowing you are hurting me .
& that is truly sickening. You are a disgusting human being. 
you're just a coward and that is all you ever will be.


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witage comes insecurity 
embarrassment and tragedy,
i said i'd put on my dancing shoes but,
but i've gotwo left feet.

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It has been a while since I have smiled like this over small-talk. :)
     I do not procrastinate, I take time to discover alternative ways of thinking and watch Supernatural and Lord of the Rings for inspiration.
Aly plays the ukulele. 
Aly is so saintly.
Aly is covered in gravy,
From Thanksgiving.

Aly is so happy,
with soulie.

Aly is so sassy.
looks scraggly.
Aly is nasty.
Aly is my twinny. 

Kayleigh loves Aly! <3


R.I.P Paul Walker, you were a great actor but now it won't be the same to see you in Fast & Furious movies', and it won't be the same to not see you in Fast & Furious 7. You may Rest In Peace <//3
I thought it was your smile.
Maybe it was your sense of humor. Or your laugh.

In the end, though, it was your eyes when they met mine.
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he's getting useto the
black eyes and fat lips
fake smile and

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on the other side of the world...

their is some one thinking about you longing to meet you and thinks that you ar beutiful.
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