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You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth,
thinking about how you'll escape it one day,
and how awesome it will be,
and imagining that future keeps you going,
but you'll never do it.
You just use the future to escape the present.

                                                -John Green                                                                                                                                        

Congratulations, you’ve made it through another month! (And almost another year!) I’m so proud of you for carrying on, when sometimes you didn’t want to. Happy December! :)  Keep going, you are doing great.

There once was an angel who fell in love
with man and longed so hard to be
with them she lost her wings 
and joined them and
soon found that it 
wasn't as happy
as she thought
and so she moved
 the scars on her back
from her wings
to her wrist




The List
Chapter Four

I waltzed into Cam's house, like I owned the place, and I should, he's my boyfriend. Moving my hips side to side,  I took two steps and found I was at the wrong kind of party, everyone else was in tank tops and shorts, and I was dressed up in more of an after party affair. Whoops. 
"Hey, hey, heey!" Scott welcomed me at the door, giving me a hug, which lasted a little too long for me. I smiled at him, Emily was drunk herself, she'd never know, I'll handle him later if I get the chance. Ha, if she did find out, I'd become one of them. I gave him a winking smile and strutted into the kitchen.
Flaunt it if you got it? Check. 
"Oh my god, Anna." Cali snorked at me as I arrived in the dining area. "Seriously." 
An arm snaked around my waist, hand resting on my hip. "I think she looks hot." Cam's voice dropped, and he kissed my cheek. Cali shook her head and bent down to adjust her shoe, revealing most of her cleavage to Cameron, but as I watched Cameron's eyes flickered at Cali but stayed with me. 
Point for me.  
Cali gave me the stink eye but smirked and walked away. I looked back at Cameron, who was stilling checking the view. I smiled, it felt good to be appreciated.  "So you, what's your surprise?" I said, ruffling his hair. 
"Emily told you?" he mumbled, holding my waist. "Mhm." I answered, pulling him closer.  "You're gonna love it." his lips barely moved, and he pulled me closer until our lips touched and-
"ANNA." Emily's voice broke us apart. She stopped dead in her tracks, now aware of what she did, and shrugged. "You gotta see this." she giggled. 
She took my hand and dragged me outside to the pool. My mouth dropped. 

Brandon was soaking wet, tied to the diving board. 


Haha, well Anna's more of a dangerous girl than we all thoughtXD
Which brings up; How many guys has she fooled with? And is Cali really that desperate for Cameron? Whooo knows?(: 
Please, please, please, comment for a notification<3 
Love you all and have a merry Monday!
“I was dying to hear someone say
That I didn’t need to try so hard to be perfect,
That I was enough and it was okay.”
All of my quotes from the summer have so many more grammatical errors and spelling problems that they sometimes give me a headache

the day is january 1st, 3009. a group of humans listen to boom boom pow. when fergie says that she is so 3008 they all stand shocked and realise. fergie is now behind the times. fergie herself has become 2000 and late. this is unbelievable news to the humans. hours later the planet decends into war and chaos.

All is lost again, But im not giving in. I will not Bow, I will not Break

really important meetings are planned
by the souls long before the bodies
see each other. generally speaking,
these meetings occur when we reach
a limit, when we need to die and be
reborn emotionally. these meetings are
waiting for us, but more often than
not, we avoid them happening. if we
are desperate, though, if we have
nothing to lose, or if we are full of
enthusiasm for life, then the
unknown reveals itself, and our
universe changes direction.
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