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Newtons third law of Emotion:
For every male action, there is a female overreaction.

it's a cruel, cruel world, to face
  on your own.                     A heavy cross
to carry along. The lights are on,
[ but everyone's gone, and it's cruel. ]

*..*0lXm 0-_)
. .
Your smile?

Yeah, I like that shhhh.


Guys expect so much from girls now a days.
They want a girl with long hair, colored eyes, dimples,
big a*s, big boobs, perfect face without makeup, flat stomach,light skin & nice smile ..
like damn.......... this ain't no #Buildabitch.com


when my fridge is empty, so is my heart.
You're amazing... you save me from myself when I can't.. Thank you... you're my best friend
Silence is pure.
It draws people together
because only those who are
comfortable with each other can sit
without speaking.
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When you have the days you just don't feel good enough...but you just have to think back to the days you felt as if you were on top of the world.

I'll keep you warm.
Safe in my arms.
'Til heaven calls.
Keep holding on.

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