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For once I am happy. He turned my world around,turning darkness to light. His smile, his laugh, the way he furrows his eyebrows when he thinks, how he has a heart problem yet stays strong. The way he holds my hands inbetween his and blows on them to keep them warm.How he stays strong through all the problems he's going through.
He was my bestfriend, I never thought I'd fall for him, yet here I am, happy for once.
All because of

After so many years, we find out how much we like each other. After so many years, I'm still messing up. After so many years, I get the perfect girl.. and I look for other ones. I'm awful. You don't deserve this awful person...
Sometimes I really wish I could run away...
He's more than my cousin, he's my brother, my best friend
I know I can tell him absolutely anything without having to worry that he's going to tell someone else
He's one of the only people I know I can always count on, no matter the circumstance
I don't know what I would do without him
Ignorance is bliss.
I guess I bore people....people get sick of me.... I'm sorry for caring...I'll do Better next time....
I just got the most intense creeped out feeling. I got the chills all over and almost had a panic attack. I'm sitting here still shaking and trying not to cry and all I did was look at a couple of pictures. I was looking through this thing of abandoned amusment parks there were pictures and the stories of what happened to them. I seen a picture of one called Jazzland, it didn't even register at first because it's been like 10 and a half years for me. I looked at the little paragraph about it and that's when it hit me. Jazzland was the Six Flags in New Orleans, It shut down after Katrina went through. I didn't know that though, I didn't know that it ever shut down. But looking at the pictues of it falling apart like that got to me for some reason. I can close my eyes and remember what it looked like and remember what the people sounded like. Being there that day is one of the few clear memories I have with my dad from when I was little. Seeing those pictures was like watching a memory fall apart. I feel scared for some reason now, I feel like I'm loosing that memory and a small piece of myself. Trying to recall that memory now feels like trying to recall a nightmare, everything is warped and twisted. That was one memory that I never wanted to let go of and now it's broken.
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"I'm so in love with
the thought of loving you
lovehatehero -- red dress
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