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Why don't you just let me be?
I can just pretend  I'm well.
Because you're much too blind to see,
and I am far too tired to tell.


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It all started on October 23, 1999.

This child was born. She was happy and was kind of spoiled, but not by much. She was happy, and that's all she needed. Then, she got a baby sister before she even reached kindergarten. Okay, siblings aren't that bad. Then kindergarten reached and she flew completely through to 4th grade like a breeze. In 1st grade, she got another baby sister. Happy as could be them three. It was nice to feel happy and accepted at school. Then came 5th grade, off to a new school. Public school, infact. Were kids nice? Were they mean? Where is the classroom? Then came four girls up to her and asked, "Do you want to be friends?" Sure, why not? They became sort of friends. School was hard, no real friends, oh well. Middle school came and it was a change. More people, more classes, how could she do this? She stuck with a certain friend, and made it through the year. 7th grade begun, and her best friend was taken by another girl. She felt alone, but still stuck with the friend from the previous year. She met a girl in the grade ahead and they became best of friends. They looked quite alike and they acted alike too. Then she started getting bullied, so she fought back. Boys who made fun of her became afraid of her and girls who were mean became to hate her. Too bad, their loss. 8th grade year came and it was another story. Started getting her best friend back, and her other friend moved to Texas, so she found others to stick with. That was pretty easy, until a boy came along. She liked him, a lot. He didn't like her back, so she fell into a stage of developing anorexia. She was unhappy, but found a way through it. Next step, highschool. Entered 9th grade, holy cow. Many kids, many hoes, many swag gangs, and not many friends. She's made one new friend that was from out of town. The new best friend from 7th grade, she found again and became super best friends with her once again, and they still are. People ask them if they are related, but nope they aren't. She begun cheer, and it was a blast. Her grades fell down and so did her attitude and she fell into a puddle of major depression. She cut, she cried, but she hasn't said goodbye. She made the choice to quit, so today she quit cheer. It's like somebody had lifted a huge weight off her back. She's happy and her best friend took her blades. That's right, no more bad days.

Today she is 14, how can I tell?
Well, this is a short life-story about me.
As one of my best friend's said, your life story can change atleast 1 person's life.

Guys, don't go all depressed for a guy. It's a horrible mistake. I still sometimes don't eat, but I'm working on it. Today, me and him are very close friends and everything's okay. My best friends are infact on this website. One gets on every day, along with her boyfriend and the other doesn't come on much, but hey, atleast she knows about witty.

Please, stay strong and avoid the steps I took to get this far.
I believe in you guys.


I forgot about Witty & now I'm back;
Deleting all  quotes & starting new :)
I can't hurt the people who hurt me,
because I care about them too much.
This quote does not exist.
Take what you want. Steal my pride
Build me up or cut me down to size
Shut me out, but I'll just scream
Im only one voice in a million,
but you ain't taking that from me.
I remember a time when looks didn't matter,
That who you liked wasn't important,
Being yourself where ever you went was okay.

But now that's all changed.

You have to dress provocatively to get boys attention,
To be pretty, you have to have so many likes of a selfie on Instagram,
Being yourself classes you as being a freak.

What happened?

But me and my friends couldn't care less,
because we know we're freaks,
we know we're the social outcasts.

It amuses us to see how hard some people try.

Because what matters most in the end,
Is that YOU'RE happy with yourself,
What people think doesn't matter.

Nobody said you had to be like them.

Be yourself,
Surround yourself with people who embrace who you really are,
Don't try hard to someone or something you're not.

Because it's pointless,

Think you're ugly?
Honey, you're gorgeous.
Love, you're just fine.

You're never alone.

There's always some one out there,
Always someone to listen,
Some one to care.

Some one who accepts you for who you are.

You've just gotta accept that not everyone's gonna like you or be your friend,
Trust the people who trust you,
Be yourself.

Just Be Happy. 

When the water gets high above your head 
Darling, Don't yosee?
While this has been hard enough on you,
It's been hard enough on me.

I love you more than you will ever know ()
Teach me how to deal with the storm that rages in my brain
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