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When i was studying,my mom was calling me.. but i dint respond, i was deeply involved in studies but she called again and again, i shouted pls Leav me to study, i want to study i want to study. . My mom slaped me and said. . "idiot. . Stop dreamin. . Wake up n study!!!"
Is it not strange that while we have an opportunity to choose Positive over Negative,Joy over Sorrow,we often choose the latter?-RVM
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This quote does not exist.
Any good stories on wattpad?
comment them (:
either link it, or comment the title

Me: *licks lips unknowingly*

And doesn”t mean I don”t cry if I don”t have cheeks wet.
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How to ask someone to take a picture with you in a cool way?
Don't waste your time Looking for true love Coz true love happens In a special moments By: MaxYourLife
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