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Lonely nights make the dark seem so much deeper and the demons seem so much more real.

"With him, I just...don't care. I'm not self-conscious, or uptight; I don't re-read every message 40 times before sending or  spend hours on what to wear or carefully plan out every single thing. I just do me, because with him, I know that for once,    that's  enough."

Anyone out there feel like talking?
Life is to short to spend even one day in misery.-RVM

My boyfriend got me a
Doctor Who 50th Aniversary book
for an early Christmas present
I think hes a keeper

"I wish I was skinny", I say, as I shove another two pizza slices down my throat.

the transition into a new year is something i've always hated because it reminds me of all the things i didn't do when i had an entire year's time, it freaks me out, makes me sick, to think so much time has gone and i'm getting older and barely getting through it all
i hate this time of year.
I Just want to cry.....
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