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Tomorrow night will be the last night I get to watch Duck Dynasty with him until after break
As a freshman I sat home and read on Friday nights and as a freshman my brother goes to a party like every weekend
Flirting -
Regular People : Whatsup cutie (;
Me - So...you like breadsticks?..

apps that shut off your music when you open them,
just how freaking important do you think you are?

This society is ridden with sickness. Each person ill, diagnosed with the same incurable disease. Its symptoms; wrath and envy. The epidemic of 'hatred' infests our mind; devour our hearts; while corrupting the very blood which we carry through our veins. Hatred is a merely symptom for war, abuse and violence.

_ Y.Ramos

Everywhere I go on the interweb, I see something about Dylan Sprouse and Im like WHAT HAPPEND??? I just looked it up on tumblr now... My childhood
If people could read minds, and two people were reading eachother's minds, wouldn't they just be reading their own minds?

Do you want to be the one
who I think about
when I hear those songs?
I tried to prank Call Dominos, it went like this: Me: "Is this the Krusty Krab?" the Cashier responded, "No, this is Patrick." MADE MY LIFE.
I used to worry about my Fears,but I realized that most of the time nothing bad happened.So I have stopped worrying.-RVM
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