Quotes added on Wednesday, December 18 2013

Something a guy should never do, is compare
his current girlfriend to his old girlfriend. Obviously if he does that,
it means he's still not over his ex.

               - Girl Code.


I hold on

To the things I believe in


And I believe in us

Dear Mom and Dad, Please stop saying "Don't play with your food." You spent the first two years of my life convincing me that it was a plane.

You call the shots babe.
I just wanna be yours.


"I miss you, miss you so bad
I don't forget you, oh it's so sad"


Stay strong. Stay alive. Don't let the darkness get ahold of such a beautiful light. Ok?

If I had the option of
Being able to eat whatever
wanted too and never get fat and always have a six pack
mmit a painless suicide

I would pick the suicide....
I don't want to let you help me pick up my pieces because I don't want you to get hurt along the way....
I just love Doctor Who comic books. 
Matt Smith's face is just....omg.
I don't know about you Wittians but I'm pumped for 22 Jump Street :D
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