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causit's tocold
so let me hold
both your hands in
the holeomsweater.

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Dear teachers,
How long could it possily take you to put the scantrons in a machine, and then put numbers into the computer?
I want my grade

* doesn't mean I stopped caring
If only you ment the words you said
I've noticed that ugly begins with 'U' and awesome ends with 'ME'

used to look at you and see the
the person that I could be.
I  s a w  t h e  p e r s o n  t h a t  I  w a n t e d  t o  b e
reflected   in   your   eyes,
and now, finally, reflected in the mirror.
It was something I had never seen before.
Now I look at you and all I see 
is just a hallow and empty shadow.
A  shell  o f  w h a use t o  b e .

This quote does not exist.
If he has a sh*tty reason for breaking your heart, he never was 'the one'. 
Make TODAY so beautiful that your YESTERDAY is something you will smile about TOMORROW.-RVM
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