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When your mom says: "I'm not in the mood for you" and is busy being a b*tch because you're excited for leaving in 21 days to go to university, well you know what?! Go f*ck yourself and have a nice day :) ;)

Your name is so unique that even Microsot Word couldnt spell it 


it really sucks being the ugly quiet
rude sarcastic emotionally unstable friend with the attention span of a goldfish


if no one has told you recently
or even if someone has told you recently
let me just say

- i am proud of you
- i hope your day was ok
- i hope tomorrow is ok
- i hope your whole week is ok
- you are rad as heck
- you being and alive makes everything more rad as heck
- and dang
- you are hella cute

I'm writing my essay on cyber-
bullying right now

and there was this article that said
"anon hate hurts us because when
we read it, we don't hear the attackers
voice, we hear our own."

This quote does not exist.
When your in bed with your phone

and drop it on your face.

Everyone says
destroy what
destroys you,

But what if the
thing destroying
you is yourself?

Finally Masashi Kishimoto

You told us who Madara Uchiha was!

Even though I knew it was Obito
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