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I love how when I was 9 I became a Lady Gaga fan and I sang 'Paparazzi' in front of the whole school for the talent show
yet now that I'm 12, Lady Gaga is suddenly a 'bad influence' and your excuse is 'her songs have a bad message'
but isn't it ironic how almost every single artist has a bad message in their songs, including the artists that you listen
to? Thanks dad -_-
Did you know that you are more than likely to marry your 6th through 12th grade love? If you repost this you will get good news tonight. If you dont you will have the worst work of your life. Better hurry up!
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I never knew how to play the "You hang up, no, you hang up," game till I met you
This quote does not exist.

Thought I was doing good...



Until now...


The monster is back and worse than ever...

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What do you do when the one you love is in love with someone else?





I can't drown my demons.

They know how to swim.


So I drive home alone.
As I turn out the light
I'll put his picture down
And maybe get some sleep tonight.

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