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The '&' symbol looks like a man dragging his butt across the ground.
Hey there! are there any gamers on here?
well if there are, im putting together i gaming team!
and i need some people to join so i can start it up.
t's non-profit, you have to have a way to film your gameplay, 
you have to at least have one of these:
Twitch, Youtube, Younow
if you're intrested please fill out this form below!
you do not have a personal facebook and you apply you MUST have an email so i can contact you!
Thank you and good luck!
The loneliest moment in someones life is when they're watching their whole life fall apart, and all they can do is blankly stare.

I want to hold your hand,
but you are the sun and I am the moon,
and we will never collide

The voices in my head say
"You need to be dead."
Friend: Why do you stay with him ? He treats you like you're nothing .

Me: It's that first love thing . No matter what he does I will always forgive him . Even if breaks me down I won't care and niether will he .

They say time heals all 
but some are so deep 

they leave scars.


This quote does not exist.

Sometimes you gotta fall ♥  before you fly.

The people in your life right now won't be around forever so make your memories with them
[ ♥ ]

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