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i may look like im listening to music but really i have my volume on zero
and im listening to everyones conversations
because im a true spy kid
I may not be the ideal beautiful girl who is up for anything, but all I do know is that I want to be with you, I don't just want you to have you, I want to get to know you, I want to care for you, I want to love you, and I want to trust you. I want to be the girl who holds you tight when you have a bad day, I want you to be happy with me. I want it to be you to kiss me on the forehead when I'm upset and I want to you to be the one who I can go to for anything. I'm willing to try and be together with you. I know I won't give you what you want, but I hope you can see past that and see me for who I am.
I think sad people are drawn to me because I understand I will never judge someone ever no matter what they have done or been threw.
This quote does not exist.
*Wifi stops working*
*turns around gives the box a death stare*
*Wifi turns back on*

Thats what I thought. Btch.

Me on Monday Nights

ets as much snacks in both arms and runs to the bedroom
Locks the door & gets comfortable in bed.
Turns on the TV & waits til Teen Wolf airs.
Cries and stuffs face with food as I watch
another episode of Teen Wolf that leaves me
crying as the baby as it ends.

I can't drown my
they know how to

~Can You Feel My Heart
by: Bring Me The Horizon
Last night I had a dream that the witty logo had arms and legs and we got married and lived happily ever after o-e ... ok.. My minds gone bonkers

FRIENDS:  Something has to be wrong with a girl in order for her not to believe in love.

ME:   Well I guess I'd better go to the doctor then.

FRIENDS:   Why??

ME:    Apparently there's something wrong with me.

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