Quotes added on Sunday, January 12 2014

i'm that kind of person who hide things then forget where i put in
How long should I wait before I try again?
I'm just a confused girl
Trying to find a place in this world
This quote does not exist.
I have a problem with pushing people away.
I would rather have one best friend who is always there for me
Than 10 fake friends who only talk to me when they need something
I like guys with a sense of humor
Because whenever I'm laughing
For a short second I forget my pain
what is love
So I've built this fort in my room
Because I can never sleep in my bed
It's kind of crazy to think that in a couple of week I'll be an adult

Shes someone elses wife
And I can get on with my life
And that thrills me

She married him today
Her daddy gave the bride away
I heard a tear rolled down her face
And that kills me

Cuz now I, can see why
Shes finally crying

How was I supposed to know
She was slowly lettin go?
If I was puttin her through hell
Hell, I couldnt tell 


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