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my unfinished poems
stop as abruptly
as your love for
me did.

Hey boy, I gotta say you're a hard on to get to. You always seem a step and a half in front of me. Your smart, spirited eyes tease me but give me encouragment to follow you any where, and honey I just might.

i am not bitter
i am just running
on very little sleep
and very much emotion.
Sometimes people need a place to vent where no one knows who they are because in some ways everyone wears a mask. So no one knows there secrets but we want to tell someone thoes secrets without telling people we know...I think that's what witty is for some people

did you know what you were doing
when you bought me decorations for my bedroom?
and when you kissed me in each park in town?
when you crossed off each ‘first’ on my list and
let me grow accustomed to falling asleep
with your teddy bear in my arms? did you plant
memories of you in my life so that in one year
or 2 months
or 3 weeks
or 4 days
i would be in for the most painful goodbye?

"I can't remember to
forget you
I keep forgetting I should
let you go"

This quote does not exist.

"What I tend to do
When it comes to you
I see only the good

Selective memory"


you were always one to be spontaneous.
your actions and decisions came with no warning and
i loved your element of surprise almost as much as
i loved listening to your inhalations as you spoke.
each second you lived was a mini escapade and
all this time i thought i was you partner in crime.
i never imagined that i was just another adventure.
This quote does not exist.
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