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Having deep conversations with your sisters.
If I could ask the Wizard of Oz for something
I would probably ask for happiness
Those nights where you
Think about thinking

So at one point in my life,

me and my best friend called each other Agent Blu and Agent Poodytat,
and we made dresses out of literal black trash bags and duct tape.

We then continued to do what is now called "snapchatting",
but used multimedia messages, with flip phones - I might add -
and we basically made up a criminal and his son, RJ and JR - get it?
We made up a story about their antics as we sent pictures to one another.
Jr. = Junior. Haha, so clever. We even made our own drink! Lovely.
Not even going to tell ANYONE what we named it, too embarrassing.

Just... putting that out there...

You make me lose my mind
en your not by my side
You make me go insane
hen I have you by my side
Make me speak of love words
ey sounded cheesy and stupid to your peers
But they mean the world to you my Dear

Every time I write
have you on my mind
en though I have not founded you, met you, had you YET
write from my heart of thoughts
en I will have you by my side
ith me forever
Till the ends of time

In her eyes, it's not jealousy when she has a problem with you talking to other girls. You wanna talk to as much girls as you want?

Then be single & no one is gonna get mad at you for talking to a lot of girls. But if you're gonna be with her, then you need to respect her.
Respect her enough to not talk to a lot of girls knowing how that would bother her.
Respect her enough to not make her look like a fool to people for having a boyfriend that talks to a lot of girls.
Respect her enough to not put her in a position where she'll feel uncomfortable and be frustrated by the fact that you already have a girl who's there to talk to you but that's still not enough for you.
No, it's not even trust issues, she just wouldn't talk to a lot of guys because she knows that would upset you and she wouldn't put you through that, but you can't do the same for her.
So if you wanna talk to a lot of girls, then don't be with her.

The 3 most common lies on the internet:
1. I have read and agree to the terms of service
2. Status: offline.
3. Yes, I am over 18 years old.
i have to use the oxford comma because if i don't use it i'll end up writing something like "i bought eggs, milk and sugar" which makes me sound like i'm telling a bowl of milk and sugar all about my shopping adventures instead of listing what i purchased.

No girlfriend  should EVER have to worry about,competing with a side chick.
A real boyfriend  would NEVER allow that
Girls be like "My boyfriend always trippin' over everything"

Let me tell you something, that annoying boyfriend
that trips over stuff you do and that calls you out on your mistakes.
That speaks his mind and gets on you over small things.
HE'S A KEEPER. He's yourbackbone. Don't let him go.
He' the one that will tell you your doing wrong and keep you on track when nobody else will.
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