Quotes added on Thursday, January 16 2014

You made me feel like you really

liked me... and then you just left,

just like it was nothing

Looking your profile daily and still thinking to ignore you.. Silly Me!!
This quote does not exist.
"oh you’re not doing anything so i guess you can help me with th-"

They were  right
when  they  said
we should never
meet our heroes.

thank you for leaving me in the dust.. hurt, broken, and scared. because if you wouldnt have left me i wouldnt met him and had him pick me up and start piecing me together again. showing me how it feels to really be loved.
Without my imagination and creativity
I am just an empty soul
Today was different.
I was actually happy
It wasn't fake or forced
I was genuinely happy.
I think you would be proud darling
If only you were here to see..
And you cry
And you cry
nd you cry
But those tears cant heal those wounds
So dry those pretty eyes

I knew you were trouble when you
told me you didn't like nutella whut.

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