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I hope one day

You will realize I did truly care for you. I promise you're gonna miss me being there,
putting up with you. refusing to give up on you. 
You're gonna regret everything you've done to me,
including all the demage you've caused. And someday
you'll turn back and I won't be waiting for you any longer. 
I might have been worthless to you, but you'll miss me when I become priceless to another.




We'll all float on
This quote does not exist.
I have a weird obsession with piercings. O_o
im losing so many people in my life........ its really ruff when people you love leave you </3
I have trust issues
Because when I was little
I relied on all my big decisions
On a magic 8 ball
This quote does not exist.
I don't want to be just a girl
I want to be your girl

So my friend has a little sister in third grade
(I got to school in Mexico and its a bilingual school)
my friend was absent today,
her little sister comes up to me while we were waiting to be picked up
 she asks me "Will you read this with me?" holding up a book
it was in Spanish and she doesn't speak it very well.

I sat down on the floor and started reading out loud a paragraph
and helping her out when it was her turn to read.


That awkward moment when someone follows you and you realize that you unknowingly favorited like two pages worth of their quotes
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