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So glad of this as they I cannot be,
Who are surprised with all. But my rejoicing
At nothing can be more. I'll to my book.
For yet ere supper time, must I perform 
Much business appertaining.

-Prosepero, The Tempest (Act 3, Scene I)
...Out o' your wits, and 
hearing too? A pox o' your bottle. This can sack and
drinking do. (openly) A murrain on your monster, and the 
devil take your fingers.

-Trinculo, The Tempest (Act 3, Scene 2)
I've got bad news for my heart
When two lives are torn apart
There is nothing you can claim
And no matter how you wish it
Nothing will ever be the same

Has anybody found the way to you?
Does anyone know what you need?
Does anyone remind you
The way we used to be?
And are you starting to make promises
That you made to me?

*can't stand the thought of him moving on.
Someone taking my place.
Someone sharing what we had.
But I have to let go.
On a scale of 1 to 10: You`re a 9 & I`m the 1 you need.
I'm not a blessing..
I'm not a gift..

I will not cry when this ends

I'm not a muse..
To fill your soul

But I'll do

You pass the time with me
Cause it's so simple and free
It won't be good for me

But it'll do

*scared to date again.
It's nothing compared to what he and I had.
But it'll do.
It has to for now.
Every morning: 
ME: I really can`t stay. 
BED: But baby, it`s cold outside.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
And now I know, 
But the price was that I couldn't go back. 

This quote does not exist.
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