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well half way tho my homework and im already tired im going to bed night all 
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Honestly when I think about the possibility of seeing him or taking to him I start to freaking hyperventilate and actually have to smack myself so I don't fall on the ground curled in a ball and start crying.
It was then that I realized the most miserable time to be awake is late at night. Some say mornings are the worst, but I beg to differ — it is at night that you feel the sinking despair of fleeting time and utter loneliness. There is you, and somewhere there is a world, but you feel a profound disconnect, as if you have been stranded on a desert island. It is a dreadful feeling of hopelessness, and in those few hours, it seems as if you have been eternally stripped of your happiness. And then, oddly, you wake up the next morning to life begun again.
Far greater than all the material possessions that I possess, is my Freedom to Choose, my Freedom to Live, and my Freedom to be Happy.-RVM
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I lose my phone and my mom tried to help me find it.
The first place she checked was the food cabinet
This is what my life has become
I'm just glad she didn't find it in there, because that would have been embarrassing ... 
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