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Hell is defined in 2 words: unrequited love.

Romantic way to be sad.

Am I supposed to be happy?
With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price

It is sad to know that something is missing and know that you can't buy, replace, forget or beg. But baby, you know, love doesn't ask.

She says, "Yeah, hes still coming, just a little bit late
He got stuck at the Five and Dime saving the day
She says, "If life was a movie, then it wouldn't end like this,
Left without a kiss."

Fight for love is good, but achieve it without fighting is better.

last year at school i was in a science lesson and we were looking at arctic animals and the teacher was listing the main animals, and she was like "arctic fox, polar bear, caribou" and then the quiet boy in the class put his hands on his head to make it look like antlers, wiggled his fingers and went "i'm a caribou, i f*ck you, yiddy yiddy yiddy yiddy yiddy."

i really hate people who think that "freedom of speech" means "i can be as rude and insulting as i want and you're not allowed to get mad"

I can't wait to look into your eyes, and feel your soul into me.
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