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Write Something Your Parents Would Be Proud Of

Trust me Witty...

The Only Thing My Parents Could Be Proud Of

Is a lie....

& I don't know how to be fine
 when I'm not,         'cause I don't know
how to                   make a                   feeling stop

                            [ ā™” ]

me: yes mother I'm getting on that homework assignment right now
me: *puts off my education until the friggin rapture*
rapture: *begins*

Chapter 2
New Girl

The beggining of grade 7, and I was stoked. I was really excited because I knew that life was going my way. I had never really been interested in popularity, but people just made me popular. In my school, as I said before it was tiny, and in my class there were 3 other girls. But it was a split class so there were other girls in the younger grade. Anyway, I was hoping that there would be another girl. My friends were ok. They werent the kind of friends who text you when you arent at school, or who never keep secrets from you. So I really wanted there to be a girl who I could trust and befriend. We all went to look at the sheet to see the new class list...No new girl. There was one new person, but I don't think the new girls name was Jason (LOL!!).  6 days through the year, the teacher told us that there was going to be a new classmate. It was a grade 7 girl named Hazel. I was really happy that we were having a new girl in our class, until I found out who she really was...

Thanks for reading guys! I know it's a little boring but trust me it gets better.
PS: This character (the speaker, Dalas) seems to be rude, and snoby. But she is actually not, she is nice and sweet and a good friend. Please don't mix up! Even angels like being popular.
how to seduce me:
deposit 5000 dollars in my bank account
dont talk to me

idk, I just think it's really
sad that the only way I can
possibily sleep
at night, is after
staying awake 24hrs, and driving
all f.ucking day in a high-stress
situation, and even at that I just
passed out in the middle of the
day and just happened to sleep
through the night (5pm-10am.)
Like, I could be exhausted all
day but the second night comes
I just can't sleep. It is either sleep
when I can, or wait until morning
because night? that ain't gonna
happen, and no one understands.
I can't help it. 

I've honestly been that way since
I was a little kid. Yeah, tossed and
turned all night only to be rudely 
awaken a few minutes later in order
to make it on the bus for elementary
school. I cried every morning from
being so exhausted (mixed with the
trapped feeling school gives me, like
it's a prison.)

This quote does not exist.
Chapter 3
True Colors

Hazel was really shy at first. She seemed nice. She was a tad chubby, but kinda pretty. She had thin dark brown eyes and very light brown skin. She had black a little longer then shoulder length hair. I aproached her first, and introduced myself (Dalas) and my friends introduced themselves. She was a little shy, but we started talking and she was actually very talkative. She said 'Like' a lot, and she was a self pitty kind of person. She had daddy issues, and she wanted everyone to know. Heaven knows why...Anywho, she started telling us lots of stories, like how she was accepted to an art school, (and we found out later that it was a registry school, not an acception school) and  that she did competitive dance, even though she could not do a split or a successful pirouette. I was a little jealous of the art thing, which at the time I thought was the truth, because I was known as the artist. Anyway, I thought Hazel was ok. Not the girl I wanted, but she was ok.
After about a week, she started talking to my Best Friend Alysha a lot. Whenever we tried to talk to Alysha Hazel would drive her away and ignore us. Hazel only ever talked to me and my friends when Alysha wasn't there and she had no one to talk to. Alysha did the same when Hazel wasn't there. It bugged me because whenever we would gossip and tell Hazel a secret, she would tell Alysha. And Alysha, who was the nicest one of us all, did the same.
One day, Hazel asked me who I liked. I did not trust her a single bit, so I told her I liked some guy named Shawn ( which was a lie )
This secret she told no one. Why? I still to this day have no idea.

Please read chapter 4!
Mum says I'm like the Dragon rollercoster at Adventureland when PMSing and on my period, as far as mood swings. I can't say I disagree...

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