Quotes added on Tuesday, February 11 2014

Every time I agree to buy an app, I feel like I'm selling my soul to satin.
i love Kalin and Myles 
Chase Dreams you know we aint stoppin
Now you talking 'bout cartoons but you know I'm drawn to you.

-myles parrish
I don't even know why they call it witty anymore ,
they should just rename it tumblr number two .
All the quotes are from tumblr so , why not ?
This quote does not exist.
I wrote this song for my mother
he had to leave me, when I was younger
e said son, seek this life and keep an open mind
in my mind's eye...

..I am free now
Free to live without my fears
I believe now
There's a reason why I'm here
t's to try to do good
t's to try to do better
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This quote does not exist.
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