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you meed to learn to shut up and leave your comments to your self <3
So, my cousin said he'd teach me how to ride a bike.
He'll start me off with one that goes 60 mph, then I can ride his, 
which goes 120mph. Dayuuuum, im so excited.
I cannot formulate an expression using tangible words from any language that would even begin to express just how much you make me want to slap you in the face with a chair.
i was almost a month clean, but i gave in 6 days earlier,
im not exactly dissapointed nor happy that i made it so far
yet gave in. 
Life has beaten me to my knees and its going to keep me there because no one wants to help me up. They just pass by.
"Its better to have loved and live than to have never loved at all." WHO EVER SAID THAT IS A FRUCKING LIAR. If you have the choice, kick love in the balls and when its on its knee's pull out a gun and blow its frucking brains out.
So.. i'm going to a new school, its an all girls, and uniforms *barfs*
Anyways, im terrified, you cant get out of presentations, even if you have a note 
for anxiety O.O.
Im really terrified. I start tomorrow...fck.

"mum im bleeding"

"oh sweetie there's no need to be worried that's just a sign that you're becoming a woman"

"thank god, i was really starting to get worried about this axe in my shoulder"

                  & you feel just
                                                                                                                         L  I  K  E           A           T O U R I S T              I N         T H E       C I T Y       [x][x][x]
                                YoU Were BORn♥  


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