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This is how it starts
Lightening strikes the heart
It goes of like a gun
Brighter than the sun
This quote does not exist.
    "Excuse me, do you have the time?" I ask a woman wearing a silver dress.
    "Ten to." She says, checking her watch.
    "Thank you." I walk away and stand near the steps, waiting for my darling to come so we can enter the gala together. 
    I pace the floor and straighten my green, floor length gown. I look up and my heart skips a beat.
    Descending elegantly from the large staircase is my beauty, wearing a straight orange gown that accents her curves. 
    I gulp and take a deep breath. 
    As she is halfway down she sees me and smiles widely. 
    "Hello, sweetie." I say when she reaches the bottom of the stairs. 
    She reaches for my hand and says, "Sorry for making you wait, darling."
    "Oh, it's fine, Princess, I was just fixing my hair." 
    "Okay, ready to go in?"
    "Hmm?" I ask, my mind wandering.
    "Into the gala, baby." She giggles.
    "Oh, yes. Let's." I look away, blushing. 
    "You're adorable."
    "Shut up. Lets go." I start walking, leading my little girl through the doors.
    Once in, we take to the dance floor. We dance three slow songs together and then two faster paced songs. Laughing and smiling, we retreat to a table to rest. 
    "I am having so much fun." I say, smiling.
    "So am I, I love being able to do things like this." 
    "Me, too." 
    She leans over and kisses me, brushing her hand over my cheek and smiling as she does so. 
    I smile and wonder if it will ever get better, knowing in my soul it will. 
my pillow has never felt better against my head than it does at this very moment.
This quote does not exist.
Have you ever loved somebody so much, you'd give an arm for?
Not the expression, no literally give an arm for?
When they know your their heart and you know you are their armour.
And you would destroy anyone who would try to harm her.
This quote does not exist.

Never thought I was insecure
Boy, look at what you've done

At the end of the day,
life should ask you

"Do you want to save changes?"


There’s nothing worse than being left behind,
Nothing worse than wanting to rewind.
Nothing worse than wanting to find,
All the memories that faded out of their mind.

There’s nothing worse than being lost,
Nothing worse than paying that cost.
Nothing worse than being left in the frost,
Nothing worse than when that line is crossed.

There’s nothing worse than being alone,
Nothing worse than being hurt-prone.
Nothing worse than having no calls on that phone,
Nothing worse than sinking when you could have flown.

There’s nothing worse than feeling replaced,
Nothing worse than missing their face.
Nothing worse than feeling misplaced,
Nothing worse than feeling like a waste.

There’s nothing worse than being left to drown,
Nothing worse than being let down.
Nothing worse than a silent frown,
Nothing worse than when there is no sound.

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