Quotes added on Thursday, February 20 2014

Sometimes a smiple smile can make someone's day a little better..

and how you feel now will always be different from how you felt before..

Magcon is Seriously the best vine boys ever they are so hot... And lets not forget hayes my baby i love them so much theyre so perfect ilovethem so much

Their Names
Camron Dallas
Jack J
Matt Espinosa
Nash Grier
Carter Renoylds
Jack G
Hayes Grier

don't fall in love.
rule #1.

Do bee's fart?
If they do does their stingers fly off of them when they do fart?

-Asked by my very smart boyfriend I think I might've died laughing
LIKE: if you like burgers
COMMENT: if you like burgers with lettuce,onions,ketchup,tomatoes,and mayonaise
IGNORE: if you HATE burgers
No matter how strong a girl is, she has a weak point.

And sometimes, all she needs is a hug.
So i'm sitting here waiting for my train and i look over at this couple

sitting beside-ish to me and this guy's trying to do something on his

phone and his girl tries to take it for some stupid reason and now he's

got the complete sh*ts with her!

Hilarious! Hahahahahaha :D

Aw man i'm trying so hard not to laugh their like right beside me!!!! 😎😎
To my mind...
the life of a lamb
is no less precious
than that of a human being!!!
I love hugs. <3

I'm very much a hugger, but i get shy and instead of just giving u a hug,

i chicken out and end up staying where i am...
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