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I'm not one to believe in god or prayers or anything like that but tonight, if there is a god, I need him to hear me. My best friends dad is in the hospital with heart failure. He has been in and out for as long as I have known her and he is really bad right now. She has been through so much and I can't bear to see her lose anything more. Please, keep her dad in your thoughts because he is an amazing man and the only one who fully understands my Jordan. Please, please, please, just pray for him. I know I am... 

"I solemnly sweathat I am up to no good."
I'm just an ordinary girl
With a huge imagination
This quote does not exist.
i tried out for my schools talent show and everyones lik"oh hes gonna dance hes a good dancer" but no i stood up and see you tonight by scotty mccreery and i swear all their jaws dropped....

what do people do with boyfriends??? do you have to take them for walks???
or water them?? what if they die

after 2 weeks of eating just bread, I tried eating pepperoni, and pizza crust... the taste almost killed me...

Hella cute,                                                                                                                                Hella fine,
Be my hella valentine

Common sense
is like deodorant, 
the people who need it most
dont use it.
Zamn baby you got a bae or nahh...
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