Quotes added on Wednesday, February 26 2014

it amazes me that putting a black line on my eyelid makes me feel better about myself
It's funny that you think I care.
Ill always be here for you....
Even if your not always there for me....
Im gonna start doing a name of the day. So basically i will look in the comments and whichever name is commented first ill look up in the urban dictionary and post. :)
This quote does not exist.

Having trouble breaking up with someone????

1. Lean in for a kiss

2. Stop before your lips touch theirs

3. Say "Oh ________, if only there was someone who loved you"

4. Walk away and let them die


i may look calm but i've already banged you 3 times in my head
Is it just me or when you sing in the shower you sound so angelic, but then when you're outside the shower, you sound like an armadillo being run over? ◑.◑


When you think you've got a favourite teacher, and then they yell at you and you're wishing for all the worst things in life to happen to them, then and there.


who needs a boyfriend when you have fictional characters to swoon over? 
i am perfectly content with staying a potato. 
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