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"Do you regret it?" Yes

"Would you do it again?" Probably

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No more running from pain

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The more I dream about you,
the more I realise that someday,
we'll be together once again.


Me: So my teacher today pointed to me with a ruler

Friend: So?

Me: He said “And idiot is in the one side of the ruler”

Friend: Awww he called you an idiot?

Me: No, I got detention for asking “Which side of the ruler?”

Friend: Oh HAHAHA!!!

Guy friends are great, u til you fall in love with one of them..
*not mine: just thought it was beautiful* Imagine you are an artist. You just painted a masterpiece. You think it's perfect: Not a single flaw. Then a critic comes up to you and tells you everything bad about the painting. They then start painting over the flaws- Trying to cover them up. Because they were so frustrated, they start to tear the painting apart. You would feel disappointed, Wouldn't You? Now. Imagine that the artist was God. You were the masterpiece He created. He thinks you are perfect. But you are also the critic that keeps pointing out your flaws. You put on make-up. Trying to cover them up. But you still don't see the beauty that He sees. You start to cut yourself because you are frustrated. You are ruining God's work of art- Which is you. He created you because You. Are. Perfect.
We judge
because we don't

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