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do you ever just stop and stare 
at long a.ss quotes and have a debate on whether you should read it or not and then have your final conclusion to be "nah, the effort." 



i stumbled upon witty again.
it's been a year since i was on .
It's been years since I've heard your voice or seen your smile, but maybe every once in a while I hope you think of me and remember that forever and always was meant to be.
Hey everyone so I just wanted to say bye before I leave guys im sorry but I cant be in this world anymore im useless and no one needs me im an awful person and the guy nathanyiel he use to be good and than I changed him and he hates who he is so j wanted to say thank you for the memories and friendships everything has made a difference but I just cant do life anymore
I was cold
I couldn't stop shaking
I rolled up in a blanket and waited
He broke me
I sat there and thought to myself
Now, I'm still cold
But it's a different cold
Girls in my class: It's hard to love him if he acts like I don't exist.
Me: It's hard to love a fictional character because he doesn't exist.
This quote does not exist.

i broke up with my gym

we were just not working out

and boy, believe me when i say
you're gonna
regret this..

and i just want to be you yours..♥
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