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So literally, these two guys were talking.
One was like "I've been sleeping with her friend, shh don't tell her man."
The other was like "Nah man I won't. You guys are good together."
I was like, "You guys are both pigs. I hope you know that."
And then I left.
Yes, that's the keyword,
the most awful word in the
English tongue. Murder doesn't
hold a candle to it and Hell is
only a poor synonym.
-Stephen King-
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
I find that more than normal my strength has been put to the test lately. Emotionally, physically. Cant really complain 'cause I have the perfect girlfriend that I know would do anything for me, but I think I'm just kinda realizing that she cant read minds. She doesn't know when I'm upset. Mad. Jealous. Well my emotions are plain as day when I'm right in front of her, but when I'm sitting at home, alone, with nothing to do but think.. I just overthink the littlest things. I remember how crazy I drove myself last softball season. I wonder if we can make it through this one.? Hopefully we do. We will. I not only have faith in us, but I know she does too.
See I have this problem,
Where I'll get over you, okay?
But then I remember all our moments,
The ones that won't fade away?

And it starts to make me wonder,
Do you ever think of them too?
Do you stare up at the stars in the sky,
And hope I see the same view?

If things were to change,
And both of us were free.
Would you ever think of "us",
Wouldn't you even think of me?

I'm writing this knowing you could see this,
And sorta hoping it makes you think.
But I guess I'm kinda hoping you won't,
Or if you do it wont even make you blink.

Cuz I guess if you don't see it,
I can say maybe it could still be so.
But if you see it and think nothing,
When I guess that would mean "no."

"No" to the question of you missing me,
In a way more than a friend.
"No" to the question that you want things to change,
And that you're happy with this end.
Life is your biggest Treasure. Enjoy it. If you forget to, it will soon be gone, never to return.-RVM

& well, i lied..

 i do miss you..

Oh my heart it break

with every step that I take ,

but I'm
hoping at the gates they'll tell me that you're


This quote does not exist.
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