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Unintentionally, I'm one of those people that have trouble saying or writing what they are feeling so i keep everything bottled up   :)

         She had an elegant habit of breathing out words like cigarette smoke, each syllable scattering before they had the chance to connect into comprehensive phrases. There were i-n-g’s and “are”s in confusingly inappropriate contexts, and nearly every sentence had a tendency to shift into french before they even slipped halfway out of her dark lipstick-stained lips. Although, surprisingly, considering her incredible passion for travel, not one tip of her stiletto heels had ever come into contact with French soil. You’d be able to tell her personality as soon as you heard her speak. And, please, don’t let her “darling”s and beautiful, melodious voice fool you into believing that she’ll stay with you forever, because I can guarantee that she’ll be planning a new adventure with every breath she takes. An adventure that you won’t be a part of.
        Despite the considerable droop underneath her eyes, and the spontaneous adaptations in her mood, she was flawless. Whether it be six in the morning or half past twilight in the evening, each stitch of her dress managed to rest calmly on her deeply tanned skin, and the wind was never strong enough to blow her voluminous coffee colored hair out of place. She carried herself in a way that conveyed confidence without being overbearing and unapproachable. In fact, it was difficult for her to walk down the busy streets of Manhattan without being stopped once, or twice, or six times. Occasionally, desperate men follow her wide-brimmed hats all the way back to her apartment. These are the times when she feels the most alone.
"She's a puzzle, but she's worth solving." - r.m.
I wish i was artistic or musical or intellectual or athletic.

                                                                                                       but im not.

                                                               Boring 'ol Brittany with zero talent


『 Happy woman's history month. How will you make history? ♀ 』 www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SJctFhXHKM
Food sounds really appetizing rn
                                          doesnt it always i mean food is like the hot fictional character from a book
                   omg ily lets be friends

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One word to describe life, freakin annoying cause half the time we're at school
One Direction Update
Hey guys sorry this update is late. I was actually out in public with real life humans for once. Anyway, there's a few things today. Harry is still in LA. It's rumored that he went to some little girl's birthday party. I don't know for sure. Niall was watching the Ireland Rugby match. Then he was at the O2 to watch the UFC thing. Louis and Liam are still in LA also and they were writing today. Zayn hasn't been seen as far as I know.

Rumors: Apparently Kendall was at some party with Harry. I don't know anything about it. But if she was there's nothing going on between them.

Links: Niall tonight: 
Niall with a fan: http://t.co/eYDrWVyAhy
Niall and another fan: http://t.co/KW3tZHMM9E
Harry with a fan's aunt today: http://t.co/LoquNKlE2Y

nothing is worse than when someone begins to tell you something then says never mind
It's a pity your lipsticdoesn't actually stick your lips together.
You can have small moments without big moments, but you can’t have big moments without small moments
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