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So Ik I haven't been on here in a while but I might as well say something no one knows about me... About a year ago I ask this girl out and she made me so happy and before I knew it I fell in love with her every time I even heard her name my heart started to speed up I thought she might have been the one. Turns out I was wrong she broke up with me and I had no clue why I did everything right and then some. Turns out she left me for this guy that she's going out with now. After the break I was depressed like seriously I honestly thought about killing myself not even basketball my other love could help me.  So I tired moving on and dating another girl after our break and my depression I couldn't find love I don't remember what the feeling was.  She didn't only break my heart she took my feeling of love away from me now i don't know what it feels like to love someone and I'm honestly afraid I never will know what it feels like to love again. No one knows about this and I don't ever plan on telling anyone I'm in a relationship right now but I don't know what love is I say I do and I want too but I can't cuz idk the feeling :/ 
Me: *signs out of witty*
Me: *searches self*
Me: *sees it says I'm still online*
: No, I'm not online anymore, stop lying, I trusted you witty, WHAT IS HAPPENING
She was  e l u s i v e .
She was  t o d a y .
She was  t o m o r r o w .
She was the faintest scent of a cactus flower, the flitting shadow of an  e l f   o w l .
w e    d i d    n o t    k n o w    w h a t    t o    m a k e    o f    h e r .
In our minds we tried to pin her to a corkboard like a butterfly,
but the pin merely went through and a w a y   s h e   f l e w .
(Stargirl) Jerry Spinelli
Top quotes are a lot like color TV's. Back in the day, it was rare to have one and it was something to be proud of. It sometimes made you more popular in the community. Now, almost everyone has one and it isn't really anything special at all.

Call someone's name once,
you're trying to get their attention, say it twice,
you're REALLY,
trying to get their attention, say it THRICE, you're  FEARING 

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I don't think
Mother Nature's ever gotten
her period before

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There's just something about him. I can't place it, can't name it, can't even begin to fathom it...
It's like I'm drawn to him.
He's like a person I knew in a past life—an old friend, perhaps.
It's kind of like we were supposed to be something, but it never happened, like the plans got lost in translation.

When I look at him, I see myself.
There must be an easier way to release these feelings.

Never regret anything, because at one point it was exactly what you wanted.

i talk about wanting a boyfriend but i

dont even know what id do with one

like what do you just kiss him and

then leave him alone in a corner how

often does it eat
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