Quotes added on Monday, March 10 2014

i hate when i lose things at school
like my pencils and papers and life ambitions


"Your soulmate is not someone that
comes into your life peacefully. It is
who comes to make you question things,
who changes your reality, somebody that
marks a before and after in your life.
It is not the human being everyone has
idealized, but an ordinary person, who
manages to revolutionize your world
in a second..."


hey do you mind taking your clothes off?
i'd like to see how angels hide their wings


someone, someday is going to say
"i have to go to the moon" in a bored, defeated tone


children wake up early because
they still get excited about life


You may mess up, but you are not a mess up.

You may make mistakes, but you are not a mistake.

You may screw up, but you are not a screw up.

You may fall, but you are not a failure.

You are not your downfalls.

I've made plenty of mistakes since I've been at college.
I've embarassed myself way too many times.
I've hooked up with the wrong people.
I've been scared about pregnancy.
I've gotten too drunk to the point where I got someone to hate me.

I know I've done bad things.
But I've met the best people in the world here.
I've met the people I want to grow old with.
I will make thousands of more mistakes.
But as long as these kids are with me while I do so; they won't be regrets.
I love every minute of being here.

me: *puts on 99 problems on iHome*
jake: *is dating this girl* "I GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT... i can't finish it...."

"When darkness falls
an angel cries
blood of innocents
will fill the streets
and death will overtake
the world"

the bags under my eyes are designer

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