Quotes added on Wednesday, March 12 2014

"love is when you tell a guy you like
his shirt, then he wears it everyday."

Mom: you will do what i say!
me: yes mom...
hears mom scream from living room: WHAT WAS THAT YOUNG MAN?!
me: ................... NOTHING MOTHER ...................
Havent been on here in forever :o
I'm alive. But I'm barely breathing. It's like I'm screaming. Screaming as loud as I can. But still no one can hear me. Everyday people look past the sadness in my eyes and think I'm okay but I'm not. I can't get out of this hole and I just keep falling deeper and deeper into it. No one notices. But worse than that. No one cares. It feels like my heart is being torn out of my chest and it's barely beating anymore. It's hanging on with everything it has.. But that's not enough. Yeah I'm here. But I'm being destroyed, every so slowly.
In all honesty, i miss my dad. Yeah, i’ve said i don’t like him and hated the shiz he’s done. And i’m furious that he left without saying one word. But he’s still my father and always going to be. I just hope he’s okay.
Every storm runs
Runs outta rain
Just like every dark night
Turns into day
Every heartache
Will fade away
Just like every storm runs
Runs outta rain
This quote does not exist.
When things look down just keep moving.
Eventually you'll see why it was all worth it
when I was 16 my mom told
my friend that she never wanted
a third kid (me), and that she was
going to get a hysterectomy some
time after my sisters but then I just
kinda happened. and it was an "oh,
f.uck!" moment. while looking right
at me. basically, I'm only here bc
she puts everything off until it's too
late, and she doesn't believe in

*follows dreams*

*dreams don't follow back*

*unfollows dreams*

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