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I always wonder where me and my first love would be
if I didn't cheat on her
Cuz I realized soon after that she was the best thing
that's ever happen to me
But ik nothing will ever happen between us again
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You just can't get close enough, 
you swear      it's sent from above,
it's       real,        it's       good,       and

it'young love.

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There is nothing I want more in the world right now... but you in my arms... my love...

I miss you so much right now... like you wouldnt believe...

I need you more than anything... ever...

All I want right now...

Is you in my arms...

My love...
Even If you fail in life you always Have the afterlife.
~WhoEverYouMayBeInThisBigWorld, Youll Always Be My Friend~

~To EveryOne out there seeing this quote~ 

"Some One Will Always Love You"
Give me light.... 
I find myself walking around my room 
Lonely with just tears in my eyes
A big room without you now 
My heart still suffering from that fall
I never went out to find someone new
Because Babygirl I never forgot about you
What a shame my situation is
My heart still suffering 
Because you don't love me Oh because you don't love me I know that for a fact that you don't love me but I still find myself walking around my room Still have a mind and heart for you....
 lol just something out of the heart
Words words words 

I may not be your cup of tea, but im your tenth shot of tequila
Commander stylo laser pas cher , très aimé des professeurs de PowerPoint , propriétaires de chat , des scientifiques amateurs, et les garçons de collège au cinéma , est en fait un dispositif assez étonnant . Il ya un peu vous pouvez faire avec un laser relativement pas cher , et ils sont tout simplement s'amuser . Ils sont également relativement sûr . Les pointeur  laer rouge sont généralement de classe 2 et les verts sont de classe usualy 3R . Classe 2 lasers sont très difficiles à se blesser avec , et tandis que les lasers de classe 3R peuvent provoquer des lésions oculaires , en général brèves expositions sont peu susceptibles de causer des dommages permanant .
Yes, this world is mucked up.
But no, you don't have to give in to it's rules.
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