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Have you ever wanted something or someone so much, that you don't want them anymore?
There's one really bad thing about not being able to sleep. You get hungry in the middle of the night and you can't do anything about it.
Friend 1: Do you like anybody?
Friend 2: Yeah I like a person.
Friend 1: It had better be a person.

happy birthday to me!
my sixteenth and I'm stuck studying for my science final tomorrow >.<
on the other hand, if someone could please explain esterification to me, that would be great and I would love you forever :*

I would never let my kids watch the orchestra, too much sax and violins.


i love birthdays they're so motivational like
if i can manage to keep myself alive for another year i'll get money and cake


I've cried a river or two,

Trying to work out what to do.

I stay?

Do I go?

at is what I do not know.

Am I happy or sad,

appy or sad?

ell me, is our love enough?

Is it enough to stop the tears?

shall I leave it be,

nly a memory.


Oh, how to stop these memories?

Of lonely nights,

Not long ago,

Of the warmth of another's touch.

Do I stay?

Do I go?

That is what I do not know.

To live in memories of a time passed by,

Or to live in a place of uncertainty.

m I happy or sad,

Happy or sad?

Someone please tell me so.

This quote does not exist.

Even the devil's laughin' at this thing they call my life.
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                 I  DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BE   
without you around.

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