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that awesomefeeling
you get when you finish your last exam

Has anyone been to some special place in their lives, I know i did!
Telling my parents you got an F on your history test , and there like "You suck at history man!"
Then, two days later you get an A+ on your science test, and there like, " so you suck at history but, your great at science!"
So your like, " yep that's just my brain!"
There was a time when I accidently tripped over my dog! And i'm like "watch where your going  you stupid DOG!" And so i'm like "wait a second, that's me not watching where I'M going!"
stupid me!

dont trust people who have already hurt you!!!
Define friends, because I dont see a clear definition.
Im in AP Psychology right now...Ā 
I dont like school
But what about the shadows? They hide the secrets that no one knows I’m feeling scared for what I see Giving it all trusting me So ill just breathe In a world of same In a world of sunshine I’ll hide in the shadows tonight
the walls of my room Come closing in come afternoon Cuz it’s the same thing every day And it’s up to me if I want things to change Yeah I’m bored somebody rearrange me Somebody rearrange me
It’s like Im torn ripped down the middle Maybe I’m crazy not a lot just a little Just a little bit
I'm sorry.

Dear parents, I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment. I'm sorry I can't make good enough grades. I'm sorry I can't live up to your expectations.
Dear friends, I'm sorry I can't keep a long term friendship with any of you. I'm sorry we lose connection after a while. I'm sorry I never stayed.
Dear people at my school, I'm sorry I'm weird. I'm sorry I don't fit in. I'm sorry I don't look pretty like all of you.
Dear myself, I'm sorry I was ever born. I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry I put you down. I'm sorry I made you miserable..
When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave the world wondering how you did it.
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