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My wedding is coming ! Which wedding dress is the best choice ?


Do what YOU want to do because if you don’t, you are nothing but your own slave.-RVM
I'm here to share my weird thoughts with my bad English :|
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I have never been so emotionally unprepared for a History lesson. Today my friends and I walked into History and the teacher has a video up and explains its very imformative blah blah. Then he pressed play.

"Hi, I'm John Green."

John. Green. On my screen. Teaching me history.

Every. Freaking. Girl. in the. entire. class. s.c.r.e.a.m.e.d. or gasped. I don't think you understand like the teacher actually had to stop the video and ask what was wrong and it was just kinda stunned silence and omg wht I can't process this. that was the best history lesson.

I barely know you,
but I think I want to
& god what am I getting myself into

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We've got a lot, don't you dare forget that. ♥

May the blind man make you realise that it is not he that has been living his life blind, rather you.”
 If only he liked me...

I was reading these scary stories in the middle of the night and I got freaked out. Then as soon as I stopped reading them, I heard someone trying to unlock the door. As soon as they unlocked it, I heard cackling. It turns out my mom was having trouble unlocking the door and my little brother was laughing. Talk about an epic fail.

Why do we kill people who kill people to show them that killing people is wrong?
and in doing so, arent you the SAME as them?

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