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Lying in bed wondering if its actually worth to go get up and pee.
"Put some clothes on at once! Bare skin in public dishonors the ghost of your ancestor!" - Japan
"I love to take my camera everywhere I go and because of my shortness it allows me to see higher in case I want to take pictures of women and invent a wacky game show." - Japan
Grief does not change you, it reveals you.
- John green ; TFIOS
"Okay, if I lend you my camera you have to tag me in the pictures on Facebook! Friend me first!" - Turkey
A - easy to fall in love with
B - you like people 
C - you are really silly
D -one in a million
E - great in bed
F -you love to drink
G - you never let people tell you what to do
H - you are quirky
I - you are popular with all types of people
J -people adore you
K -you're wild and crazy 
L -unbeleiveably great in bed
M - Best kisser ever
N - You like to drink
O - crazy
P - great in bed
Q - you are a hypocrite
R  - Fking crazy
S -You are dead se.xy
T - you are very loyal to the ones you love
U -you really like to chill
V -not judgemental
W - you are very broad minded
X -you never let people tell you what to do
Y- Best boy/girl friend you can ever ask for
Z -always ready
"Why don't you pick on someone three quarters your size?" - Spain
"There's no way I can do it alone! You have to help me!" - Italy
and it doesnt feel like it.

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