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"Millitary Dislexia must be strong in their family." - Germany
I want change. i want things fixed. right now it feels like nothing is being done to fix anything. i feel like im the only one thats trying to fix whats wrong with us. i feel like you dont want to be bothered by me anyway and that he's more important than me. do you want us to end? do you want me to leave you? do you want that? i definately dont but with the way things are going, maybe its neccesary. tell me what you want. help fix "us" and dont go running to someone else. no one needs to be getting in between us right now. i love you and you that. i never cheated, never lied, never abused you, never  ignored so lets work this out and lets get through this. i want to stay with you forever just i need to know what you really want.
"I even smell like a hero!" - America
This quote does not exist.
The moment you're ready to quit
is usually the moment right before
the miracle happens.
Don't give up ;
my thoughts during school

me: why

me: i wonder when my teacher lost their virginity

me: what if a man with a gun walked in right now

me: whens lunch

me: why are you here

me: what if i stood up on the desk and ripped off my pants

me: dont touche me
me: ugh
So here's to...
The crap we talk
the guys we stalk
the way we shop
laughs we can't stop
the gossip we spill
the looks that could kill
we'll stay together
cus we're
I don't have many regrets, but when I do, 90% of them are turning the hot water tap the wrong way when showering. XD
When it's obvious that you love him more than he loves you.
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