Quotes added on Saturday, March 22 2014

No one deserves to be blindsided the way I was.
my moms name is Rosa... just so u could understand my story :)

today when my mom dropped me off at school i said " it smells like roses!" and she rolled down the window and said "its cause im here!" and i turn around to look her and i just simply said "SMH mom SMH!"

I feel rejuvenated after a good long venting session with
a close friend, knowing that as mean

and dramatic as I may sound, I'm not being judged because she's thinking the same things
Bro: *at the table with a bowl of cereal* NOOOOO!!!!
Me: *Walking out of my room* Dude!?? What happened??!
Bro: *frowns then smiles* I forgot my spoon 
Me: Mkaii soo... go get one
Bro: *reaches out hand* but.. but.. its too far.. Can you be a good little sis and get me one please!!!!!!??????
Me: *stares at him*
Bro: If you get me one i won't tell mom you have a boyfriend
Me: *runs to the drawer* Would you like anything else??
Bro: Nope thats all .... Run along now peasant.
Me: *stares* i dont like you very much
Bro: i love you too now go away you making me uncomfortable i can't eat my cereal...... 

Loving those simple day-makers
Peoples differences should be celebrated!!!! So wittians happy in birthday!!!

my parents and grandparents have all these cool stories about when they were young
and the only exciting thing that happened to me was when my dad accidentally called me dad


it takes a lot of love
to learn that You cannot miss somebody
i n t c o m i n g  b a c k
It's sad at how when a girl likes a guy who doesn't like her back, its shameful and meaningless
But when there's a guy who likes a girl who doesn't like him back, its like the saddest thing in the world
Hard to breathe;
Feels like floating
So full of love, my heart's exploding.
Mouth is dry, hands are shaking;
My heart is yours for the taking.
Acting weird, not myself;
Dancing around like the Keebler elf.
I guess it's finally time, for this poor schlubb...
To know how it feels to fall in love.
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