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And then suddenly it hit me. 
That moment when you realize you're not half empty. 
That moment of all moments.
Like there is music in the night and we can dance the sun out of the sky.
These are the nights when everything feels possible.
Maybe one day we'll fall short of the stories´╗┐ we tell,
But tonight we are more than just words on a page.
We are here,
we are different,
& we are everlasting.

We are half moon kids.
We are legendary.

Maybe Tonight (Legendary)

I have come to the conclusion that there is NO way to eat a muffin while looking sexy.

So my mom grew up with 6 brothers so she's a bit of a tom-boy but I've told her like twice that she is too manly and she has a bob cut which isn't all bad and she buys clothes like 4 sizes too big and the only reason I know her shirts are for women is because the buttons are on the left side and she gives me the most evil look any time I suggest jewelry or a femanine looking cardigan or blouse to her, and she was like one tear away from having a tantrum in the store when my aunt and I took her to get 1" heels, but the funniest part is my best friend has the EXACT opposite problem with her mom
My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me.

Being in the car without your parents and having the radio blasting as a kid ment you were the bomb
"You don't stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing." ~Marion Pine, 105

Having adds buffer before and after music videos on Youtube is fine, but having them buffer in the middle of the video is tots no cool
“We can't choose where we come from
but we can choose where we go from there.” 

Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)
Trying to stay mad at your parents when they are making you smile is like trying to figure out a rubix cube
“They grew up on the outside of society. They weren't looking for a fight. They were looking to belong.” 

S.E Hinton  (The Outsiders)
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