Quotes added on Sunday, March 30 2014

I guess I'm the one who lost here.
Ideally you would love me; but I remember you once told me this is not an ideal world.
Oh you think I spend way to much time on the computer?

Guurlllll, stfu or gtfo cuz I'm totes off the computer most of my life like IDEK why you thought that. You totes sh- oh BRB, Ricky just tweeted something. What do you mean I don't have any friends and I'm not social enough? I beg to differ. I can have Kittalia, Melon Lord, and Inkquill332, and the rest of my followers vouch for me.  
do you ever just lay in bed and realize you're not good enough




....at the end of the day,

you're true personality is exposed through hard times and heart break.

you are in a deep hole that no one hears you in,

but you learn that you dont have to be alone,

so you should let your feelings out.

life sucks, but things are never permanent.


it's hard to say 
because I don't want to 
say it.
but if you love me
let me go
and I'm as serious as I can be. 
because I don't want this happening to 
both of us when
its worse enough its
to one of us.
Oh, dont mind me.
I'm just using comic sans.
Don't worry.
I'm using them ironically.
Oh my god
e are so many
freaking awesome artists
in my art club and I'm like "Oh
fruck. Well there goes my self-esteem."
Because most of the kids in my art class are
rible at drawing and I'm just like "HA HA Mother
kers! I'm better than you guys and I'm not even trying!
ckers!!! Ha!" And oh my gosh there's is so much professionalism...
Some one kill me right now. I don't feel like being mocked inside of there
ng head. Yeah, I know they're mocking me with my un-experienced-ness.
you know what, it's not my fault so maybe I'll just go cocoon in my room or go
at other peoples drawings and make myself feel better by comparing theres  to
and wow I sound conceited but whatever. Don't act like it doesn't make you
el better that someone does somthing horrible that you're awesome at. You
just ge
t this awesome feeling of pride and wanna rub it in their face but
you're nice and just pretend to be modest while brushing off their
compliments but on the inside your ego is practically 'bout to
pop and you caught me. I'm just trying to even this out into
a pyramid. Oops well there's you explanations for why 
this is long. Just a few more lines. I'd be really
surprised if you were still reading this 
but congratulations if you are.
I don't know why but 
And done.

do not be fooled by me
sitting next to you in
a plastic blue chair
face plastered
with the fakest smile
while inside, i am
trying my hardest
not to lose it

i am in prison
but most of you
don't realize that
because my jail cell
is invisible

{Can we create something beautiful,            
                      & destroy it?}
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