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She puts on her makeup
and does her hair
takes one last look in the mirror
for a boy who doesnt even care.
Yo mammas so fat i pictured her in my head and broke my neck
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If the sky that we look upon, should
should crumble to the sea, I wont cry, I wont cry
stand by, me stand by me

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Tell me nothing ever counts, lashing out or breaking down.
Still somebody loses cause there's no way to turn around,
Staring at your photograph everything now in the past
Never felt so lonely I wish that you could show me love.

I Still cry when i see your photograph. I miss you so much.


Why must you be my first thought when I wake up


my last thought before I fall asleep?

reason to not become an adult

you can’t use the ‘my mum said i can’t go’ excuse to blow someone off

“I am a fire.
where I go you will follow,
tracing my footsteps
looking for survivors.
You will come to my door
with a match in your mouth
and I will strike it
until the house burns down
with you inside of it.

I am an animal.
I will eat your heart out
until there is nothing left.
a cold palm t
hat used to hold a stone.
I will leave you for dead
because my parents were animals
too, and I don’t know better.
I love you
is an echo in the empty cave
that I retreat to.

You should be afraid of me.
I promise I will leave you
with nothing but my name
burning in your mouth
writhing in your arms
swimming in your veins
it will take months to taste
daylight again after
my starless night spills
under your tongue
and down your throat.
Let me leave.
Pull the knife out
from between your ribs.
tell yourself it is only in my nature
to leave when I am wanted,
that I was the first and last person
who will treat you like conquered land.

When I knock on your door
Do not let me in.
Do not let me in.”

                       — I was born in a forest fire.

Happy Birthday

To me (:

Why are my [hair] buns always perfect when I don't need them to be?
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